Our decades of personal expatriate experience combined with cross-cultural training, coaching skills and international business background, has enabled us to create a program of customized cross-cultural workshops to facilitate the integration of people across cultures and adjustment to a new environment. This program is aimed at expatriates and other newcomers, international businesses and any companies who interact with global partners.

  • Understand the profound ways cultural values affect thinking and behavior, including our own
  • Learn how to recognize and interpret differences through a cultural lens
  • Develop strategies for interacting and communicating across cultures

A combination of practical and theory-based learning is used in workshops through the delivery of short presentations, hands-on activities, discussion and case studies. The program is customized according to the participants’ needs and the time available. It can vary from a half day to one or two days, or could be combined with coaching extended to 6 month period to allow for individual support to encourage a smooth transition.