ABOUT MOVING – Yes, moving to a new place is both an adventure but also one of the most stressful events in life. New home, new people, new job, sometimes new culture, sometimes emotional rollercoaster. But no worries, we are here to help new hires in any stage of the relocation process. We moved many times and can anticipate and give hand to almost all of their needs and concerns.

PRE-DEPARTURE PREPARATION – Communication with the transferee and accompanying partner as soon as they get an employment offer letter to determine their relocation needs, discuss adjustment concerns and make a successful transition plan. We sent city guides, maps and marketing material to their departure location as needed.

ORIENTATION TOUR / PRE-VISIT TRIP – We customize orientation to each client after connecting to them by the phone or email to understand their needs and concerns. We make an Orientation Itinerary prior to their visit to Pittsburgh. One to three days is a good amount of time that we should spend together, depending on the transferee needs and family status. We offer:

  • Warm welcome to the Pittsburgh metro region
  • Drive-around city and neighborhoods that suit their lifestyle
  • School Tours
  • Overview of the city and regional economy, its social and cultural aspects, lifestyle, outdoors, shopping, medical, landmarks
  • Guidance on the housing market
  •  Tips for successful relocation

WHY IT IS IMPORTANT? – The initial visit is a perfect preparation to get to know the new city. Orientation is important as it is also one of the first steps in transferee adjustment to the new city.

PRE-DEPARTURE COACHING – Helps families and couples deal with relocation challenges in early stage of the relocation, especially if the excitement of the future assignment is not shared between partners.


  • Visit Pittsburgh. Visitors tourist guide offering a wide variety of events and things to do in Pittsburgh
  • Imagine Pittsburgh is described as a “virtual concierge”, or “digital hub” that welcomes visitors and offers information on everything Pittsburgh
  •  NEXTpittsburgh is the online source for Pittsburgh news about movers and shakers moving the region forward and the innovative things happening here
  • Pittsburgh in slides, by Moderna Relocation (this is just going through updating, and will have a slide on Start-ups)