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ABOUT HOME FINDING – We THRIVE in helping transferees secure a home in the neighborhood that
supports their lifestyle, school preference, commute and budget. We consummately negotiate the best possible deal for them. We can arrange corporate accommodation, rental assistance, home purchase, home sale at the departure location, relocation home programs, rent-to-own option and mortgage assistance. – Start your housing search

CORPORATE ACCOMODATION – We arrange temporary stay at a hotel, serviced apartment or a short-term rental accommodation. We negotiate the best terms for transferees, while going beyond corporate accommodation availability.

RENTAL ASSISTANCE –  We profile, schedule, organize viewings and negotiate lease for transferees. We help with furniture rental if needed. We negotiate the best terms for transferees, while going beyond listed rental availability.
Here are two rental sources that are solid to start exploring rentals in Pittsburgh, but you can connect to us, and we will check rental availability at MLS and other sources that we use.

Pittsburgh – Craigslist
Hotpads – Pittsburgh – Map

HOME PURCHASE – We assist transferees with home-buying procedure guidance, market research, organize house viewings, help with home selection and negotiate the best possible purchasing terms while representing them as their confidential Buyer’s Agent. We assist clients with sourcing a mortgage lender, inspection and title company; help them with utility transfers, renovation and housekeeping referrals. We like to go beyond in delivering exceptional service.
You can start your online housing search:

HOME SALE – We are Seller’s agent when our clients are selling their home at the departure location, or if our clients love our high-end touch marketing service when they are selling their house in Pittsburgh. Our main focus is on: setting the price well, staging home beautifully, creating amazing presentation and assertive marketing. Our success in selling homes fast also comes from Pre-exposing houses to our relocating and corporate clients. Our affiliation with Coldwell Banker network allow us to offer national and international exposure. Certain incentives are available through our referral programs if someone is selling a home at the departure location.

CASH BACK ASSISTANCE PROGRAM – Program participants receive a credit equal to 20% of the commission earned on either the listing side or buying side of the transaction.

RELOCATION HOME SALE PROGRAMS – We are certified, educated and experienced in managing various relocation programs in all aspects of relocation process. We deliver winning marketing plans and BMA, have knowledge of relocation procedures and technology, and are versed in relocation transactions and smooth closing.
We can also coordinate Corporate buyout and Buyer Value options through our partner network.

MORTGAGE ASSISTANCE – We connect our clients to to the most reliable lenders and monitor the process until mortgage commitment and closing. We have 100% success rate in helping our domestic and international clients get mortgages.

NEIGHBORHOODS – Pittsburgh’s 90 nested neighborhoods offer high-quality low-cost living in mostly older Victorian homes and townhouses. The metro area has many excellent livable neighborhoods. We will mention just several residential neighborhoods, where most of the expatriates and newcomers choose to live.


HOUSING MARKET – Housing market in Pittsburgh has stable and growing values, even during recent financial crises. Median home price for a single home in Pittsburgh is $124,000 (US median is $172,000). In the metro area of Pittsburgh, there is a choice of new construction with custom single-family homes, townhomes and condominiums. Rental scarcity and house affordability mean that newcomers often decide to purchase a house in Pittsburgh.