Settling-in starts when transferee and his/her family accept the job offer and relocate to the city. We together identify schools, neighborhoods and houses to suit client lifestyle. Unique to Nevena, while we drive around to view properties and visit schools, we talk about how to manage relocation’s phases and transition to a new city and culture. We like to see our client THRIVE in both logistics and sofistics.

SCHOOL ASSISTANCE – We help families through the process of identifying and profiling schools that best matches their child’s academic and growing needs. We help them with scheduling appointments and help with the registration.
School search and early child care is one of the main transferee concerns, but they don’t have to worry since there are exceptional educational options in the Pittsburgh metro region. Either they choose public, independent, religious or charter school, they are highly-ranked. – this ranking includes not only state test scores factors, but college readiness, graduation rates, SAT/ACT scores, teacher quality, diversity and parent/student experience. – this ranking include only academic factor. – another solid school ranking lead.

NEIGHBORHOOD ASSISTANCE – After choosing preferred school districts, we focus on identifying few neighborhoods that will suit transferee and her/his family lifestyle and commute to work tolerance.
Pittsburgh’s 90 nested neighborhoods offer high-quality low-cost living in mostly older Victorian homes and townhouses. The metro area has many excellent livable neighborhoods with newer construction. You can start your neighborhood search online, but the best would be if we have a conversation about different neighborhoods while looking at the map.

Explore neighborhoods online:

ACCOMPYNYING PARTNER & FAMILY SUPPORT – Family support consists of pre-departure coaching, accompanying partner and kids’ support. Our great focus on relocation soft issues and accompanying partner & family support overcomes the main cause of assignment failure, which is family inability to adjust to a new environment. Relocation is the third most stressful event in life!
We help with the first social network and connect transferees to other newcomers, community and business networking groups. We help them with career and job search, continuing education, community involvement, networking and volunteer opportunities.

PAPERWORK & DOCUMENTATION ASSISTANCE – We accompany transferees while they are obtaining official documents, opening a bank account, registering for Social Security, getting a new driving license, new car license or title registration, insurance, storage, mobile phones end more.

MOVING HOUSEHOLD GOODS – We search for the best quotes from reputable moving companies and monitor the moving process if needed. Costs are payable directly to the vendor.

AUTO & DMV ASSISTANCE – If you are moving out-of-state, contact your current Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and request license and title registration information for your new state. If you are moving from abroad, contact your Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in Pittsburgh and request applying for driving test and license. In order to rent a car in the USA, you need to have an international driving license, or a license in English language.

DAILY LIFE IN PITTSBURGH – We offer further in-depth information about daily life and Pittsburgh’s lifestyle – its social activities, culture, fitness, sport, clubs, local markets, shopping, and medical facilities.

DOCUMENTATION ASSISTANCE – We offer guidance for: opening a bank account, Social Security registration, applying for driving license, getting a cell phone end more.

LANGUAGE SUPPORT – We provide contacts for English as A Second Language (ESL) or Business English.

IMMIGRATION SERVICES – We connect transferee to the company that serves them with a seamless immigration process for temporary, rotational, secondments or permanent visas for corporate employees originating from all over the world.

CROSS-CULTURE COACHING – We are helping transferees to reflect on their own culture, learn about new host country culture, bridge cultural differences and ease adjustment issues. It is a vital skill that enables expatriates to become quickly productive and adjust to living an working in a foreign culture.