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 #6 Best Neighborhoods for Young Professionals in Pittsburgh

#15 Best Places to Live in Pittsburgh

With frame rowhouses, a rich Italian heritage and an eclectic mix of businesses lining Liberty Avenue, Bloomfield has survived and thrived through Pittsburgh’s economic ups and downs.

Unlike many Pittsburgh business districts that cratered in the 1970s and 1980s only to rebound into pricey fabulousness today, Bloomfield never ceased being a place where middle- and working-class people lived, worked, and shopped. Still, an Italian-American enclave more than a century after immigrants surged into the neighborhood, modest frame homes and brick rowhouses fit snugly together starting at Penn Avenue to the north, with homes growing larger and grander heading southwest past West Penn Hospital and toward Shadyside. While prices to rent or buy a home have ticked up in recent years, scrappy stability remains a defining characteristic of Bloomfield, which enjoys robust bus service as well as quick access to Route 28.


The neighborhood has dozens of restaurants, bars, independent groceries, and pharmacies operating for 50+ years. However, there is still room for newcomers like Linea Verde Green Market, French-American rooftop bistro Caffee Mona and Baby Loves Tacos. Trace Brewing not only crafts ales and IPAs but offers paid vocational internships to teach brewing, with women, people of color, and LGBTQ people encouraged to apply.

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Old-School Urban
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Must Go Places in Bloomfield

Bloomfield is the perfect area if you enjoy international cuisine. APTEKA is not just about Eastern European vegan fare but a carefully curated list of wines from that region. On the other side, TESSARO'S pub serves amazing wood-grilled burgers. 


If you like to try Portuguese specialties, Azorean Café is your place! Don't miss visiting Thai Gourmet and Thai Cuisine for Thai food and Vietnamese cuisine at Tram’s Kitchen. And, of course, old-school Italian spots like Alexander’s Italian Bistro and Lombadozzi’s.


On the cultural side, live music can be enjoyed at the recently re-opened Brillobox, and contemporary art at BoxHeart Gallery! For books fans, White Whale is a must-stope place.

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