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Moderna Relocation provides concierge-style destination and real estate services to new hires and transferees of the region’s largest and most dynamic corporations, universities, and startups. We help HR and talent managers during the onboarding process by communicating with recruits and their accompanying spouses/partners as early as possible - as they weigh the Pittsburgh region's pros and cons. Building on this foundation, we orient new employees to the city with personalized area tours tuned to their needs, preferences, and interests, guide them through settling in, and ease the path to finding their just-right new home. By handling all the complexities of moving, we help clients reduce the uncertainty and stress of relocation, free them to focus on their new job, and build entire, satisfying lives in Pittsburgh. 


The Moderna Difference:  With experience on four continents and in various environments, we anticipate clients’ concerns and needs - often before they arise! We also share our rich professional and social networks with newcomers in our mission to strengthen talent retention and contribute to making southwestern Pennsylvania a welcoming and inclusive place for everyone.

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