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 I have moved across four continents - with kids! - navigating new customs and cultures at each step. I know first-hand how exciting - and overwhelming - moving to a new city can be. I am passionate about helping others make a smooth transition into the Pittsburgh region and founded Moderna Relocation in 2012 to do just that. Whether they come from across the river or halfway around the world, your new employee will have us by their side every step. We help to relocate individuals and their families to avoid time-wasting confusion and quickly find the neighborhood, home, and community that best suits their needs and lifestyle.


My work has spanned over two decades across Europe, Africa, Australasia, and now the U.S. in multi-national relocations and real estate. I study art history at Belgrade University in the former Yugoslavia, entrepreneurship at the Center for Women’s Entrepreneurship at Pittsburgh’s Chatham University, and am licensed in real estate, relocation, and global mobility. I am an InterNations Ambassador and assist many organizations in making southwestern Pennsylvania a more welcoming and inclusive, including the Greater Pittsburgh Relocation Council, Visit Pittsburgh, the Allegheny Conference on Community Development, Vibrant Pittsburgh, and Global Pittsburgh.

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