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 #10 Best Neighborhoods for Young Professionals in Pittsburgh

#13 Best Neighborhood to Live in Pittsburgh

Peaceful and welcoming, Polish Hill is steeped in history and determined to keep its strong sense of community while staying affordable.  

Polish Hill is a nearly vertical quarter-mile expanse between the Strip District and Oakland. It is home to one of Pittsburgh's grandest neighborhood churches, the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Kabir Coffee and Copacetic Comics, and the dive bar Gooski's.


Polish Hill's green spaces sustain the body and the soul, and its urban Eden has provided awe-inspiring views across the city and the Allegheny River. Polish Hill is ethnically diverse and committed to shaping a robust and cohesive community. Polish Hill architecture has European charm with a steelworker sensibility, and newer traditions, like the May Day Parade, bring a colorful dimension to the neighborhood's personality. Polish Hill Skate park is one of the original skateparks in Pittsburgh, with a large square-shaped bowl with rounded corners.


Median Home Value $163,592




Area Feel
Old-School Urban


Must Go Places in Polish Hill

Polish immigrants working in Pittsburgh’s burgeoning steel industry settled in the neighborhood. More than a century later, Polish heritage is still evident in the neighborhood's fabric, from the markets that sell pierogies and traditional Polish delicacies. But if you love a good coffee spot,  Kabir Coffee and Copacetic Comics are beloved for their coffee and cosmetics. At the same time, the dive bar Gooski’s, acclaimed for its raucous live shows and its eclectic jukebox, makes Brereton Street a destination within the Polish Hill borders and beyond. Rock Room, just around the corner from the legendary Gooski's, offers similar attractions on a smaller scale: a cozy back room for underground bands, dive-bar grit, and impossibly cheap drinks.

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