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Building a Global Hub: Pittsburgh's 2023 Success Stories and the Path to a More Inclusive Tomorrow

Updated: Jan 4

Thrilled to share the exciting news that in 2023, numerous international professionals and their families, hailing from diverse countries such as Brazil, Mexico, China, India, Japan, Germany, Pakistan, Chile, and Argentina, have chosen Pittsburgh as their new home with our assistance! Notably, many exceptional professionals from various U.S. states have also decided to relocate to this vibrant city, securing positions with renowned employers like Covestro, Motional, University of Pittsburgh, and Carnegie Mellon University.

These individuals have not only embraced their new surroundings but have also actively contributed to the growth and dynamism of Pittsburgh. Some have even taken the monumental step of purchasing homes, further cementing their commitment to the city. While these positive strides are commendable, Pittsburgh must continue evolving into a more diverse and welcoming community.

In our pursuit of building one of the best cities in America, there are a couple of key areas where we can direct our focus for improvement. Enhancing connectivity to the airport is paramount, ensuring seamless travel for residents and visitors alike. Additionally, advocating for businesses to extend their operating hours beyond 10 pm will contribute to a more vibrant and thriving city life.

As we celebrate the influx of talent and energy from around the world and various U.S. states, let us unite to make Pittsburgh an even more inclusive and connected city. Together, we can shape a future where diversity thrives, opportunities abound, and Pittsburgh stands out as a beacon of progress and hospitality.

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