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Exciting News: Moderna Relocation Unveils a Refreshed Brand!

Updated: Jan 4

Last May, the Moderna Relocation website underwent a stunning transformation, thanks to the creative brilliance of Natalia, our Creative Strategist, and the literary talents of Bonnie and Marta. The revamped site now exudes a vibrant and cheerful vibe, prominently featuring the delightful magenta color palette that reflects our commitment to positivity.

Accompanying our fresh look is a new tagline – "Pittsburgh ❤ Your Happy Place." This tagline embodies our mission to immediately infuse every client interaction with positivity and warmth. We believe embracing a positive tone sets the stage for a seamless and joyful relocation experience.

Navigating our website provides a treasure trove of information about Pittsburgh and its diverse neighborhoods, making it an invaluable resource for newcomers. Whether exploring the city for the first time or planning your move, Moderna Relocation ensures you fall in love with your new home.

Discover the charm of Pittsburgh with us – your happy place awaits!

Check the gallery for our launch party at Con Alma last May, 2023.

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