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Pittsburgh Tomorrow Campaign

Updated: Jan 4

In May of this year, 72 terrific people joined me in the creation of the Pittsburgh Tomorrow campaign, including Nevena Staresinic, Michelle Fanzo, Sloane Davidson, Rod Doss, Tara Hannaford, Tracy Certo, John Buckley, Samarth Bhaskar, Jim Gibbs, and others. The Pittsburgh Tomorrow initiative is laser-focused on addressing and reversing Pittsburgh's population decline. 

Pittsburgh is facing a slow-moving demographic and economic crisis.  It has the nation’s highest natural population loss — more deaths than births.  In the last ten years, the labor force in the average benchmark region increased more than 9 percent. Pittsburgh fared the worst with a 4.4 percent decrease. In that same period, jobs in the benchmark regions grew by an average of 28.2 percent. Just one region actually lost jobs: Pittsburgh. And in the last five years, our region lost 50,000 jobs — the most in Pennsylvania. 

And if current trends continue unchecked, we face a future of decline with continued population loss, a diminishing tax base, an increasingly dismal Downtown, and the loss of cultural assets. The time has come for bold action at a scale we haven’t seen here in generations. Seventy-two people have set the stage for that. On behalf of all of them, I’m asking you to join us in this campaign we call Pittsburgh Tomorrow. We’re building the best city in America. Join us!



Immigrants and Foreign-Born Citizens:

Pittsburgh currently boasts the lowest percentage of immigrants among comparable regions. We aim to change this by implementing targeted strategies to attract and welcome individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Boomerangs Return:

A special incentive plan is in the works to entice those who have left Pittsburgh to return, bringing their skills and small businesses back to contribute to the city's growth.


Collaboration with the Allegheny Conference and local universities will enable us to engage with students, offering opportunities and resources that encourage them to become integral to Pittsburgh's evolving landscape.

High School Students:

Launching the Pittsburgh Conservation Corps in every high school aims to instill a sense of civic responsibility and community engagement among the youth, nurturing the next generation of Pittsburgh leaders.

African American Middle Class:

Committed black leaders in Pittsburgh will play a pivotal role in rebuilding the African American middle class, ensuring their contributions are acknowledged, valued, and integral to the city's prosperity. To learn about "Pittsburgh Tomorrow" click here. #PittsburghTomorrow #PopulationRevitalization #BuildingTheFuture

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